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Creative Bath – Roger Saul and Lynne Franks

In March I went to hear Roger Saul the founder of ‘Mulberry’ at the Octagon in Bath as part of ‘Bath in Fashion’. The title of his talk was ‘From Fashion to Farming and back’, and he talked through the many turns his career has taken. I am always interested in company start ups, and Roger spoke about his early days in the 1960’s buying old military uniforms, Sargent Pepper style, and selling them in the Portabello road. He then had success with designing and making creative leather belts and ‘Mulberry’ began. He moved on to talk about Kilver Court and Sharpham Park both interesting projects, what next I wonder?

Last Week Lynne Franks talked through her career, beginning of course with the early days of setting up her own PR company in her 20’s, and being well know for representing celebrities such as French and Saunders.  Her current work seems a world away from those days, having started ‘Seed‘, Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics – an organisation which coaches women on economic empowerment, sustainable business practices and creative leadership.