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research progress

A second tutorial with Julia has helped clarify aims for my research through the course and how much I can achieve for the written assignment by the 17th of January followed by the assignment presentation at the end of January. My aim for the course is to develop a narrative that explains my story and sets the product range I plan to develop in a contemporary context. I have previously explained my interests and themes and expect some will take the length of my MA to explore fully.

My initial aim for the written assignment is to examine the tacit understanding of the worsted industry I have gained through ten years design experience. This will take an autobiographical form and I will also research the background to the industry to fill in gaps in my knowledge. This will be supported by oral history. I plan to interview two people who have been immersed in the worsted trade. Through the process I will also examine the perception of the fabric through the period and its main markets.

For the presentation that accompanies this assignment which happens at the end of January, I plan to lay out the story so far and explain my association with Hield Brothers, the brand I designed for during my career.  I will explore a parallel between tweed and worsted. Tweed is familiar to many people as a jacketing cloth and has been revived as a fashion fabric by various subcultures since the 1960’s. It has also had exposure due to the rise in popularity of ‘Harris Tweed’ but worsted is not known in the same way. I plan to look at tweed and how it has come to be perceived as a very contemporary product. I am interested to compare worsted cloth to tweed and consider how worsted cloth could be redefined.