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Stoles at The Holburne Museum.

IMG_3944a4The private view of  ‘Painted Pomp: Art and Fashion in the Age of Shakespeare’   which is a new exhibition at The Holburne Museum was an excellent place to show my first sample stoles in January. Matthew Winterbottom, the Curator of Decorative Art generously suggest I should show my new stoles.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I think the stoles surprised people as the cloth is 100% wool but not at all itchy or woolly.

It was also a surprise that the pattern is woven in rather than printed.

I explained the difference between woollen and worsted cloth quite a few times and was really grateful for the time people took to look and comment on my work. I hope to go into full production in the summer and have a few scarves for sale in the Holburne shop at the moment.

Dr Alex Sturgis of The Holburne Museum and Dr Christina Slade of Bath Spa University explained the new partnership of the two organisations which has been a huge benefit to my work already.