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TextileMatters: Structure & Surface Symposium- Corsham Court

On the 19th May I listened to, four leading International Weavers, speak at the inaugural symposium of ‘The Textile Research Centre’ at Corsham Court. Corsham Court is where the post-graduate department of Bath Spa University is based.   The day was organised by Tim Parry Williams, Senior Lecturer in Textiles.

Ann Richards spoke first, she is a biologist by training so her approach draws on many of her scientific analytical skills. She has recently written a book outlining her work ‘Weaving Textiles That Shape Themselves’. I was interested to find that she took inspiration from the structure of Bats and Butterflies wings when working out fabric structures .

Ann was followed by Jun Tomita from Japan who spoke about his work and weaving techniques using Warp Kasuri or Ikat. The previous day I joined in with a workshop he ran explaining his techniques and I was able to try for myself with a rigid heddle and a back strap loom. What a privilege, and very enjoyable, the workshop has already sparked a few different ideas.

Ptolemy Mann spoke next, her subject was ‘The Chromatic Landscape’ and she moved the focus towards her distinctive use of colour.  The range of Ptolemy’s work is extensive and I particularly liked her use of colour in architecture. I was interested to learn that an in-depth study of colour theory was central to her training, and made a mental note to do likewise.

Lotte Dalgaard from Denmark, spoke next and I found her work with ‘active’ or unstable yarns very interesting. She has recently written a book  about her work ‘Magical Materials to Weave.’ She collaborates with fashion designer Ann schmidt and the resulting garments use the ability of the fabrics to mould themselves around the body often with few or no seams.

 Work from the TextileMatters symposium speakers.